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Our Vision and Work:

We believe: what happens to one of us, happens to all of us.


Champion and promote policy and procedures that are fair, open and transparent.


Identify and seek opportunities for input from citizens and neighborhoods through Neighborhood Dialogue sessions, focused on common issues facing our neighborhoods.


Attend various City/County, commission and committee meetings and speak out for changes in process for open and transparent partnerships.


Study and recommend changes to current neighborhood structures.


Study and recommend changes to the planning process.


Support neighbors and neighborhood organizations in their events, challenges and needs as we are committed to the sharing of resources and wisdom.


Develop and provide training opportunities via a Citizen Leadership Academy.


Consult on current issues,  media, social media and serve as a connector for web access to neighborhoods.



Deb Barnes and Ann Bergeman, co-founders.


After going through  a long neighborhood legal battle, it became clear that neighborhoods needed to start a resource center so that those who have experience and knowledge can share experiences and advocacy.


Our first meetings began by reviewing nearly 100 changes to the City of Spokane's Comprehensive Plan with other neighborhood members representing several different areas of the community. We then sought to add an additional 30 minute Open Forum at the front of the City Council meetings so citizens wouldn't have to wait until the end of a meeting to address community issues.


From that point we met to discuss ongoing issues within our community as we believe what happens to one of us, happens to all of us.


Deb Barnes


With her background in strategy and facilitation, Deb's creativity partnered well with Ann's pragmatic approach to organization, issues and policy. 


Deb served as Chair, Manito/Cannon Hill Neighborhood Council; President, Families of Manito; Project Lead, South Hill Coalition; and Co-Founder/Executive Director of Neighbors4Neighborhoods, a neighborhood think tank.


Ann Bergeman


A former business analyst and realtor, Ann retired and contributed mightily to the community with her tireless energy and keen eye for details. Her research abilities became legendary during court cases and policy discussions and her unflappable communication style saved the day on more than one occassion.


Ann served as Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer, Manito/Cannon Hill Neighborhood Council, Project Coordinator, South Hill Coalition, Founding Member and Officer, Families of Manito and Co-Founder of Neighbors4Neighborhoods, a neighborhood think tank. 
















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