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You talked. We listened.


We held several community meetings to find out what neighbors needed to better participate in community processes.


Below you'll find the list - we've made progress on some of the items and look forward to sharing the toolkits later this year.


Have an addition to our list? Let us know - our think tank is your think tank.


Identified Issues


  • How to define and participate in a Public Process (across the board).

  • How to enforce processes + policies and advocate for neighborhoods - Ombudsman/Liaison.

  • How to build NC membership.

  • Education on Planning Issues.

  • Education on Traffic Issues and how to make changes.

  • Ways for NCs to give input into process – processes are onerous and intimidating.

  • Multi Family Tax Exemption

  • How to communicate issues to your NC (detailed and encourage involvement & education)

  • Educate NC on Plan Commission process and how to stay involved and current.

  • How to effectively gain influence/communicate point of view.

  • Better define committee processes for better outcome for neighborhoods.

  • NC communication issues: door knocking & petitions

  • NC communication to City Council and City Administration

  • NC: how to get information from City Council and City Administration

  • List of NC friendly attorneys

  • How to request public records and keep up with information


  • SMC/Zoning/Deed Restrictions: education, input and how to change/how to change a defunct process

  • City/County issues (joint planning agreements)

  • Better understanding of jurisdiction (school district/City/County)

  • Comprehensive Plan/Growth Management Act education

  • Comp Plan v. Building Codes

  • Public input & information process (boards & commissions)

  • Public notification Build communication with City Officials, County Officials & Adminstration/Staff

  • SEPA education

  • Political issues information Validation of information in processes (applicatants/developers)

  • Neighborhood Voice (getting out information across neighborhoods)

  • Property Tax exceptions, incentive education information

  • Access to job/housing/general economic information and statistics

  • Outreach/squeaky wheel identification

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